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The Importance of Visiting Family Members in Senior Living Communities

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Moving a loved one into a senior living home is never an easy decision, so it’s important that you make a significant effort to help them feel at home by visiting them frequently. As they adjust to a new routine with different surroundings, they will look forward to the days that they get to see a familiar face. These visits allow you to monitor their health, keeps them socially connected, creates positive memories, and lets them know that you care.

Continue reading to see why visiting family members is so important! 

Evaluate Health, Safety, and Well-Being

If you have a loved one with an illness or chronic medical condition, it’s important to see them regularly to stay up to date with their health concerns. While you’re there, ensure that you ask them how they are managing with their medications, or if they need additional assistance with chores. During your visit, you can determine if they are sleeping well, eating nutritious meals, or if there are any concerns about their living environment. If you notice any changes with your loved one, talk with their care provider and doctor on how to proceed.

Create Positive Memories with Them

As we age, we face more significant life changes that can increase our chances of developing depression, isolation, reduced sense of purpose, fear, and anxiety, or untimely death. Visiting frequently helps to prevent these feelings and can help you to recognize the early signs of depression in your loved one. Give them something to look forward to and leave them feeling happy, even after you go. Take the time to plan your visit ahead of time to ensure that it’s a successful one!

Keep Them Socially Connected

Remaining socially active is just as important for seniors as it is for anyone else. Visiting your loved one can be a great opportunity to catch them up on what’s happening in your life and to ask them about theirs. Together you can share meaningful conversations about their past experiences. Feelings of loneliness and isolation among seniors can contribute to a decline in mental health, and an increased risk for illness, while social isolation can result in reduced social skills. They also have a four in five risk for hospitalization. Who knew social connection could be so beneficial for their health?

Show That You Care

It can be difficult to find time to spend with your loved one amidst your busy schedule but it doesn’t have to be an elaborately planned event. They appreciate the effort you make to stop in for a visit, so be sure that you have enough time to avoid being rushed. Your intention is everything. Go with a calming presence and be ready to encourage and listen to them. Try not to change the subject abruptly and after you speak to give them enough time to consider a response. Keeping these social connections strong will increase their self-esteem which is vital to their happiness

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