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The Best Midwest Destinations to Visit with Seniors

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It’s been said that traveling is the only thing we can buy that actually makes us richer and that’s still true for seniors. Traveling is a great way to keep seniors’ minds and bodies active. It can also increase confidence as senior travelers are able to overcome fears and get out of their comfort zone. If an overseas trip isn’t on the agenda, we have some great senior-friendly destinations to visit right here in the midwest.


Start off your Iowa trip by spending the day at Amana Colonies, where you can immerse yourself in the seven villages full of rich German heritage. Don’t forget to stop into Dubuque, where you can hop on one of the many river cruises on the Mississippi. No trip to Iowa would be complete without a stop in Mason City, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture. Here you can visit one of the many places he designed that makes up this beautiful city.


Known for its wild beauty and friendly people, you can get your fill of natural and cultural heritage in Minnesota. Visit a settler town in Dakota City or a pioneer village in Noble County to step back in time and see how the earliest settlers lived. Due to its northern proximity, Minnesota is one of the best states in the lower 48 to view the northern lights so grab a spot on the shore of one of the state’s 10,000 lakes and look north to enjoy these natural phenomena.


Full of warm-hearted people, Nebraska is a state often overlooked but full of things to see and do. Stop at one of the many farms, guest ranches, wineries, or breweries to taste and tour. Nebraska also encourages you to take the road less traveled, with plenty of scenic byways full of stunning natural scenery to enjoy. While driving, you’ll have a chance to see some of Nebraska’s best cultural sights in many of the small towns along the way.

South Dakota

Natural beauty and historical wonders await as you explore South Dakota. Venture west towards the Black Hills and Badlands, stopping in the town of Deadwood to step back in time to the Wild West. Further into the Black Hills lies America’s ode to democracy, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Follow the Missouri River to DeSmet, the original Little Town on the Prairie, where Laura Ingalls Wilder called home.


Despite being known for its cheese, Wisconsin’s food scene is exploding thanks to the popularity of the farm to table food movement. Of course, a trip to Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a dairy farm! Speaking of farms, have you ever heard of a pizza farm? Wisconsin is famous for this new agritourism trend and you can find them concentrated along the Great River Road National Scenic Byway

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